Solar parks

Solar parks


Thanks to its multi-year, solid experience, SOLAND is able to develop large, utility-scale solar parks where the electricity produced in wholly fed into the national grid.

Given that these plants benefit from a lower feed-in tariff by “Conto Energia”, SOLAND also develops ground-mounted plants using proprietary solar trackers. Our trackers give an extra production yield of +35%-40% and their structural peculiarities make them very robust against aging.

After the successful launching, in December 2009, of one of first utility-scale plants of north-west Italy (907,20 kWp with 144 SOLAND biaxial solar trackers), at the end of 2010 the company has launched the first phase of a solar park with 6 MW peak power. Here, the mounting structures use an innovative fixing device that avoids the need of concrete for the anchorage of the structures to the soil.  Later, during 2011, phase II and phase III were launched, reaching a cumulative installed power of 15.87 MWp.

Therefore, today, SOLAND stands as a well-round Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contractor, capable of successfully develop large ground-mounted plants:

  • processing of every authorization (including the evaluation of environmental impact, “Valutazione di impatto ambientale”) in order to obtain the authorization (“Autorizzazione Unica”) to build
  • manage with ENEL the connection of the plant to the national grid
  • install the medium-voltage cables
  • manage the civil works
  • internal production of solar trackers, caring about quality and details
  • manage the paperwork required to put the plant into operation