fixed-mounted installations

fixed-mounted installations


In a fixed-mounted photovoltaic installation the modules are installed on roof by means of anchorages, or on the ground by means of specific structures.

In the case of Italy, which is in the Boreal hemisphere, photovoltaic modules maximize yield when they are oriented towards south with an optimal tilt between 30 and 33 degrees, depending on the latitude.

The sizing of the ensemble of strings that constitute a plant is based on the plant’s size and on the type of components (in particular, the inverters).

Particular attention is given to the positioning of the module strings in order to minimize shadowing which, in turn, reduce the plant productivity.

The mounting structures (made of Aluminum or zinc-coated steel) comply to the highest quality and aesthetic standards. Thanks to the continuous search for new technological solutions and materials innovation, SOLAND mounting structures guarantee resistance to atmospheric agents throughout the years.

In the case of ground mounting structures made in zinc-coated steel, the production is made directly by the SOLAND staff.

The ample choice of mounting systems made by SOLAND, result of the 30+ years of experience of some of the company partners, allows us to always find the best solution depending on the area, plant characteristics and safety needs, guaranteeing an optimal integration of the plant with the surroundings.