building workmanship

building workmanship


The realization of photovoltaic plants often involves the realization of various civil constructions, which are required to make the site available for the installation of the modules.

Even in the case when the Customer does not have prior dealers for civil works, SOLAND is able to give a well-round support for his Customers, offering a true “turnkey” service.

It is then possible to provide a “full-round” package, under the supervision and coordination of SOLAND, thanks to its collaborations with qualified construction companies . Therefore, SOLAND has the role of chief reference body and remains, in any circumstance, the only interlocutor to the Customer.

The civil works done in collaboration with external companies involve:

1. preparation of roofs:

  • remediation from eternit (synthetic/ecologic)
  • removal and/or repositioning of tiles
  • supply and assembly of metallic roofing, or insulated panels placed on bases
  • installation of temporary (such as bulwarks, scaffolding) or permanent (life lines) safety devices

2. civil works for ground-mounted plants:

  • soil leveling
  • digging and realization of the technical rooms for electric boxes and inverters
  • placing of cables to connect the modules to the technical rooms
  • realization of bases for the structures, trackers and parking platform roofs