Plant revamping and optimization

Plant revamping and optimization


Thanks to the core competences in the design and development of solar plants and parks, SOLAND offers and realize revamping and optimization plans, in order to restore and increase productivity. This, in turn, is of immediate economic advantage to the Customer.

There are two possible revamping strategies:

  • targeted to efficiency recovery: in case of faulty plants, that have been damaged, by detecting the issues and acting with the appropriate solutions that recover the efficiency
  • targeted to augment the return over the investment: increase the production for properly working plants, maintaining the same scheme of Conto Energia. This way, the Customer’s financial sheets are improved and the return of the investment is perfected

Revamping plans are done through these steps:

  • analyze the whole performance data of the plant, in order to detect the opportunities to further increase productivity
  • listing, in severity order, the critical points found
  • pro-active operations, propose improving and optimization actions
  • financial evaluation of the further investments needed to increase the plant performance
  • list the final proposals and recommendations for performance restoration and continuous improvement
  • put in action the Revamping plan

Thanks to the knowledge gathered in years of photovoltaic plant developments, SOLAND is able to quickly find the critical points where to act, optimizing any issue could arise. This is of help for the Customer’s return over the investment.