Discover the advantages of the energy controllers

Discover the advantages of the energy controllers

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The evolution of the market and the constant hike in electricity prices suggested SOLAND to get closer and closer to the issue of efficient energy consumption, so that valid solutions can be proposed to our Customers in terms of energy saving andmanagement of electric loads.

To this purpose, thanks to the close collaboration with world industry Leader Suppliers of solutions for energy efficiency, SOLAND is able to provide a product with quick installation, that allows the increase in energy efficiency of the resistive loads: the Energy Controllers.

Based on a proprietary technology that controls the sinusoidal voltage, the Energy Controller optimizes the voltage feeding any device connected to it (lightning systems, electric motors, …), without generating distortions or electromagnetic interferences. As a result, supplying the “Right Voltage” to the electromechanic devices connected to it, the Energy Controller augments the energy efficiency, lowering the electricity consumption and the wear, guaranteeing in the interest of the Customer:

Direct saving on the electricity bill between 15% to 30% (based on the type of installation)
Augmentation of the lifespan of electric and electronic devices
Higher quality of electric energy
At the same time, the Energy Controller limit the peak demand of electricity, lowers the network losses and greatly reduces CO2 emissions, therefore offering not only reduced financial costs, but also giving clear benefits to the environment. With a payback time typically of two years or less, the Energy Controllers are a good choice in terms of cost, they are compact andeasy to manage.


Direct purchase of the Energy Controller
The Customer directly purchases the Energy Controller and , immediately, becomes the owner. This solution is the standard among the Customers that are already aware of the benefits that follow from the installation of the device

Renting the Energy Controller
For the Customers that cannot directly purchase the device, there is another way: rent the Energy Controller. This solution, for a period of three years (or different than that, depending on the Customer’s needs), gives to the Customer:

  • Immediate benefits, thanks to the operation of the Energy Controller
  • Payment in installments, with fixed coupon every trimester with facilitated interest rate
  • Installments amount much lower than the savings obtained by the device
  • Free maintenance and assistance though the entire time of the rent
  • At the end of the rent time, the Energy Controller becomes ownership of the Customer